Help Me Jesus - Jesus Help Me A Pray Of Hope In Jesus

Jesus Help Me - Help Me Jesus

Help Me Jesus - Jesus Help Me Prayer

In hours of loneliness, Jesus Help me
In disappointments, problems, troubles and trials, Jesus Help me
When my heart is down in failure, Jesus Help Me

In everything that I need, just say, Jesus Help Me
When Sickness and loneliness attack me, Jesus Help Me
In all of my doubt, temptation, and mistake, Jesus Help Me
When I'm ill, my head is cold, my body is numb, Jesus Help Me
When I'm feel my life is hard, too heavy, Jesus Help Me
All of my joy, love, happiness, and safety, because Jesus Help Me!
Jesus Help Me and never ever let me go alone, 


7 Jesus Ask Help:

Rob Benwell mengatakan...

Have faith..

AcerNoval mengatakan...

nice post :)

Somoon Gomp mengatakan...

Really good, love it

Patricia, promotional products mengatakan...

I was so moved by the photo and the content.

Bishop Jordan mengatakan...

great post

abhinab mengatakan...

I have started a new site on Hindu Brahmins. Hope you guys find it worthy of that.

vinay charan mengatakan...

Good one

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